Photo: Courtesy of Combined Jewish Philanthropies.
Becoming a Parent Advocate: Addressing Anti-Jewish Bias in Our Schools

Join us for a discussion on antisemitism in schools with Project Shema, designed to empower parents and guardians of K–12 students.

Anti-Jewish incidents have surged in our schools since the October 7 terror attacks by Hamas, an increase of 135% from the year before. Between 2022 and 2023, the Anti-Defamation League documented more than 1,100 incidents in K–12 schools.

Your advocacy on behalf of students is essential.

Before the new school year commences, join CJP’s Center for Combating Antisemitism for a robust discussion and action-oriented workshop facilitated by Project Shema, designed to empower parents and guardians of Jewish K–12 students to engage with administrators, educators, and school leaders, helping make a measurable difference and improve outcomes for every student. This workshop will equip caretakers with the tools to advocate for the safety and inclusion to address antisemitism in and out of the classroom.

Melissa Garlick, Senior Director, Combating Antisemitism and Building Civic Engagement, CJP, will introduce Kiyomi Kowalski, Vice President of Partnerships, Project Shema, and Daniel Bral, Facilitator & Coach, Project Shema.

There will be time for Q+A, facilitated by Dan Osborn, Director of Educational Partnerships, Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of Greater Boston.

This workshop is open to the entire community. If you have any questions, please contact Molly.

Kiyomi Kowalski
Kiyomi is an Afro-Latin, queer, Jewish, Marine Corps veteran, mother who works to ensure that all of the intersecting identities of her and her children feel welcome in any space. If there is one word to sum up her life’s work it would be “inclusion.” Kiyomi’s social justice activism is centered on creating more inclusive spaces for Jewish people of all backgrounds as well as eradicating racism and antisemitism. To that end, she develops, produces, and facilitates panels, workshops, and discussions on the topics of race, racism, and antisemitism. She utilizes non-violent communication approaches to coach people through tough conversations and promote productive dialogues.

What is Project Shema?
Project Shema is a training and support organization focused on addressing contemporary antisemitism with an emphasis on how anti-Jewish ideas and implicit biases can be carried alongside conversations about Israel and Palestine. Built by progressive Jews, our programs focus on depolarizing difficult conversations around anti-Jewish harm to strengthen allyship for and within the Jewish community.