“Don’t Bring Hate to the Protest” Debuts During NBA Playoffs

By Foundation to Combat Antisemitism

In case you missed it, we debuted our newest commercial, “Don’t Bring Hate to the Protest,” during last night’s Celtics vs. Cavaliers NBA playoff game on TNT.

The commercial’s core message is that while political issues should be debated, hate speech and intimidation simply can’t be tolerated. In the face of the hatred and violence that have taken over college campuses across the country, this campaign reminds us all to stand up to Jewish hate and all hate.

At FCAS (Foundation to Combat Antisemitism), we are dedicated to combating antisemitism through positive messaging and partnerships. Our initiative, Stand Up to Jewish Hate, is designed to empower both non-Jews and Jews to become defenders and upstanders for the Jewish community. We are passionate about promoting understanding, empathy, and tolerance among different groups, and our ultimate goal is to create a more inclusive and accepting world for all.

Together with its community partners, CJP’s Center for Combating Antisemitism is here to meet this moment with resources, tools and opportunities to foster action against antisemitism. Learn more at cjp.org/CCA.