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There are online resources that teachers can access to assist students in understanding an ever-changing situation in the Middle East. 


ADL's guide for education professionals, state education departments, and school administrators

Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

The internet presents a new and essential challenge: learning the skill set needed to accurately identify what is true and what is false.

Jewish Journal

In a remarkable turn of events, the painting is now on view at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, following an announcement earlier this month that the MFA and the painting’s current owners struck a deal with heirs to the two art dealers, who both survived the war.


University leadership has a uniquely important role to play in addressing antisemitism on college campuses and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of Jewish students, faculty and staff.

Facing History & Ourselves

These resources help guide classroom discussion about the antisemitic attacks on Israel by Hamas, and the ensuing Israel-Hamas war.

NBC10 Boston

The Lappin Foundation recently went to Danvers High School to talk to students about the roots of antisemitism.


Talking to Jewish students about Israel and the Palestinian territories can be a sensitive and complex topic.


This lesson plan for middle and high school students teaches how to be an ally, advocate and activist in the wake of an antisemitic incident.


The Anti-Defamation League shares six tips for supporting Jewish students in the classroom.


We have work to do, which is why I’m so proud that over the past year CJP has partnered with ADL and so many other organizations to launch our 5-Point Plan to combat antisemitism and anti-Zionism. We will not likely eliminate a 3,000-year-old hatred in our lifetimes, but we will certainly be stronger and fight against it more effectively when we fight it together.  


The author of a new book about antisemitic conspiracy theories shares his findings on the 200-year history regarding the Rothschild family.


How to recognize it, what its effects are, and how to stop it.


The Lappin Foundation spotlights Holocaust survivors in a powerful 7-minute film.

The Boston Globe

Antisemitism strikes a Jewish family's idea of home in the new production at the Huntington Theatre, "Prayer for the French Republic."


Journalist and author Tom Teicholz recommends educating Gen Z about the threat of newly resurgent antisemitism, citing Rabbi Diana Fersko's recent book on the subject and developments in high schools and colleges.