From 2021–2022, antisemitic incidents on campus rose 41%. Learn more about anti-Zionism, find resources to make your campus safer, and discover opportunities to take action. 


Join speaker Melissa Garlick, the CJP’s Senior Director of Combatting Antisemitism and Building Civic Engagement.

ADL Center for Extremism

The Anti-Defamation League expresses concern over anti-Israel campus climates across the U.S.


Local campus Hillels are educating Jewish and non-Jewish students alike on how to combat antisemitism and cultivate allyship.


In the Jewish community, we understand all too well that racist, antisemitic, and extremist violence are intended to push us into the realm of despair and silence. We stand on the shoulders of prior generations who bravely gave their hearts, souls, and lives to democracy and freedom for us to continue that fight.


Register to hear how discourse on campus is impacting community conversations around Israel and antisemitism.


We can take tangible steps against Jew hate beyond calling it out.


Hillel International discusses initiatives and priorities to keep students safe on college campuses for the 2022-23 academic year and beyond.

The New York Times

Deborah Lipstadt, the U.S. Special Envoy for Monitoring and Combating Antisemitism, suggests that Jewish pride can be a way to counter antisemitism.


How to recognize it, what its effects are, and how to stop it.


Journalist and author Tom Teicholz recommends educating Gen Z about the threat of newly resurgent antisemitism, citing Rabbi Diana Fersko's recent book on the subject and developments in high schools and colleges.

USA Today

Two separate studies have found that antisemitism is all too common on multiple popular social media platforms.

eJewish Philanthropy

The Pew Charitable Trusts have given Hillel International a $500,000 grant toward the Campus Climate Initiative.

USC Shoah Foundation & UNESCO

Resources for teachers that provide guidance, tools, and materials to help them address the challenges of rising antisemitism.

Unpacked by OpenDor Media

Playlist of antisemitism videos that explore big questions and dissect complicated issues to help you develop informed opinions about Israel and Judaism.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Violent antisemitism and hatred did not end with the defeat of Nazi Germany. It’s important to continue to stand up to it in all of its forms today.


Dr. Samantha Meinrath-Vinokor will take participants through the top ten items to know and think about to be more informed as you navigate Jewish college life.


This series provides valuable information, including the myriad of Jewish organizations that exist on campus and insight from college students.


Based on true events, Eva's story is comprised of 220 Instagram videos and dedicated to the memory of the 6 million Jews murdered in the Holocaust.

The Rabbi Sacks Legacy

Rabbi Sacks on the Connection Between Antisemitism, Anti-Zionism, Judaism & Israel.