Staying Safe During the High Holidays

By Jeremy Yamin, CJP’s Vice President, Security and Operations; Daniel E. Levenson, CJP’s Director, Communal Security Initiative; and Ken Berkowitz, CJP’s Senior Security Advisor

Safety and security is everyone’s responsibility

Use these three tips to be more prepared to handle a potential threat as congregants during High Holiday celebrations:

  1. Maintain situational awareness: Keep an eye out for suspicious activity to recognize patterns of concerning behavior. 
  1. Ask your institution about existing security policies to gain an understanding of how you can help. 
  1. Learn about high-level crisis response: Know what to do in case of an active assailant attack. 

Proven practices to enhance safety and security  for  Jewish professionals

            •           Review safety and security at your institution to include security and medical equipment.

            •           Review procedures for events and ensure that communication and contact information is up to date.  

            •           Review the 2023 High Holidays Security Planning Checklist.

            •           Access additional safety and security resources through Communal Security Initiative and Secure Community Network.

Threat update 

At this time, we do not possess any specific, credible information about an imminent threat to the Jewish community (or interfaith religious community) in New England. We are in regular contact with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, as well as national Jewish organizations focused on threats and security-related issues.  
However, politics and social media have increased antisemitic tensions, which could fuel an incident where there is little or no advance warning. Your proactive preparation is key. 

From left: Daniel Levenson, Ken Berkowitz and Jeremy Yamin (Photo: CJP)
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