Classroom with windows
Upcoming Event: Israel, Antisemitism and the Crisis in Education

Classroom with windows

January 17, 2024
Temple Emanuel, Newton

The portrayal of Israel as a colonizer and oppressor in K-12 and college classrooms is contributing to the rise of antisemitism. Recent polls highlight a concerning decline in sympathy among American youth toward Israel. Even Ivy League school presidents, when questioned by Congress, have hesitated to classify calls for the genocide of Jews as “harassment.” In this critical moment, informed action is crucial.

Join us for an educational and interactive evening with experts from the CAMERA Education Institute includng:

  • Andrea Levin: Executive Director, CAMERA
  • Steven Stotsky: Director, CAMERA Education Institute
  • Hali Spiegel: Campus Director, CAMERA
  • David Litman: Senior Analyst, CAMERA
  • Ricki Hollander: Senior Analyst, CAMERA
  • Rebecca Schgallis: Senior Education Consultant, CAMERA Education Institute

Together, let’s explore strategies to counter these troubling trends.