A 4th-grader told my kid if he were German, he could shoot Jews


My son, a 4th grader, was choosing teams for a game of football during recess. When three boys were all on the same team who knew each other to be Jewish, one proclaimed, “Yes! The Jew Squad!” Another boy, who had not been chosen yet, asked my son if he was Jewish. When my son answered in the affirmative, the boy said, “Well, if we were in Germany, I could shoot you.”

The most disappointing thing was that my son told a teacher on the playground on that day, and no one said or did anything about the incident until I reached out to the school about a week later when my son told me about the incident. The school then “investigated” and reported the details about how it seemed to be a remark made in response to feeling excluded from the team. The principal brought the boy into his office and informed the parents, who seemed really sorry and embarrassed that this happened.

*Name has been changed.


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