My classmates drew swastikas on the chalkboard


During my senior year of high school, I was sitting in an all-school meeting when the head of students walked on the stage to make an announcement. That morning in a math classroom, swastikas were found drawn on the whiteboard. They did not know who drew them, but the administration promised to get to the bottom of it, because behavior like that would not be tolerated. They eventually did find the culprits (members of a secret Young Republicans Club). They were forced to write an apology essay and were suspended for two days. That’s it. When mommy and daddy are on the board of trustees at the school, it does not matter if you draw one of the most hateful things in history on the board for people to find. They were safe. But I wasn’t. I didn’t feel safe or that justice was served, and a lot of my fellow Jewish students felt the same. But the conversations did not go anywhere and the school moved forward silently before it was plagued by more scandals they had to cover.


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