From 2021–2022, antisemitic incidents on campus rose 41%. Learn more about anti-Zionism, find resources to make your campus safer, and discover opportunities to take action. 

Maccabee Task Force

Turning commonly thought myths about Israel on their head.

Jewish On Campus

View visualizations that recap a few initial insights from the 1,097 incidents currently in JOC’s database.


From definiting what it is to discovering why it matters to be informed to working together in the fight against antisemitism.

Hillel/Academic Engagement Network

AEN seeks to equip college and university administrators with the knowledge, skills, and resources to create a more positive environment for the Jewish campus community.


IAC Mishelanu works to cultivate pro-Israel leadership on campus and provide a home for Israeli-American students in order to explore and strengthen their Israeli and Jewish identity while becoming a living bridge between Israel and the campus community.


IAC Activism provides the tools and training to help support Israeli-Americans to become effective advocates for Israel in their communities, workplaces, on social media, and on campuses.


Read more about the term antisemitism to accurately reflect what it truly means.

Hebrew College

Two rabbinical leaders from the Hebrew College community joined Tiziana Dearing of WBUR’s Radio Boston to share how they’re educating young people with antisemitism on the rise locally and nationally.

Hillel International

Show the world that antisemitism has no place to hide when our stars shine bright! Post on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook and use the hashtag #OwnYourStar to showcase YOUR Jewish pride.

Hillel International

Hillel International’s Campus Climate Initiative (CCI) works collaboratively with higher education administrators to ensure a positive campus climate in which Jewish students feel comfortable expressing their identity and values, free of antisemitism, harassment, or marginalization