Our schools are ground zero in the fight against antisemitism and can be one of the first places kids are exposed to it. From 2022–2023, antisemitic incidents in K–12 schools increased by 135% from the year before. Discover practical advice, support, peer education programs, conversation starters, and more for parents and caregivers of children and teens. 

Lappin Foundation

An extracurricular program for high school students to get informed and involved.


Four young Jewish American activists are taking direct action against antisemitism and other hate.


A nationally recognized peer education program where Jewish high schoolers share about their Jewish identity through personal stories.This program is proven to reduce prejudice and bigotry and facilitate discussions to dismantle antisemitism.


Books can be a safe place to explore complicated issues. Discover some children's books that tackle important issues.


Explore online trends pertaining to antisemitism on major social media platforms.


The report provides stats and insights into the issue, as well as recommendations for how governments, gamers, gaming companies, and educators should and can address it.


Empowering Young People in the Aftermath of Hate. When a hate crime, mass shooting, act of terrorism or other terrible and hate-inspired event occurs, one of the first questions many people ask is, what should we tell the children? How can we explain to them what has happened?


Inspiration for conversations. Families often want to discuss news stories and other timely societal events. It's a great opportunity to engage children in rich conversation, share important values and encourage lifelong interest in the news.


An interactive education program that equips Jewish youth and college students with effective tools and responses to antisemitism and anti-Israel bias on campus.


Find a compilation of ADL resources to guide you in identifying, responding to, and reporting antisemitic incidents.


How to Discuss Anti-Semitism with Youths by Dr. Ruth Nemzoff.


Talking to Children About Events in Pittsburgh and Anti-Semitism by Dr. Ruth Nemzoff.